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Shenzhen lawyer Jay Chen’s experience extends to and beyond the following representative matters:

International Trade and industry

  • Represented clients in reviewing, drafting the terms of various kinds of agreements, including but not limited to Manufacturer Agreement, Supply/Purchase Agreement, Licensing Agreement and Distribution Agreement, etc.
  • Represented clients in negotiating with high profile international companies, such as HP, Lenovo, Intel, TI, Qualcomm and Samsung

Corporate and Investment

  • Represented an US listed company in updating and winding up its subsidiary companies in China
  • Counseled an Israeli company in setting up subsidiary company in China
  • Represented a Taiwan company in the tender offer and acquisition of a subsidiary company in China of a publicly held U.S. company
  • Represented Chinese companies in setting up subsidiaries and/or branches in USA, Brazil, Peru and others
  • Represented a Chinese corporation in acquisition of a German company
  • Counsel multiple Chinese and foreign clients in regard to the operation and compliance with China laws
  • Represented various clients in conducting due diligence or credibility investigation

Compliance and internal investigation

  • Represented a US company and its subsidiary in Shenzhen in handling Shenzhen Customs compliance case
  • Provided training with regard to export control and anti-bribery for companies operating globally
  • Assisted with audits relating to program compliance, prepare voluntary disclosures and represented companies involved in foreign and domestic investigation

Labor and Employment

  • Advised clients regarding key labor laws in China
  • Represented companies in defense of labor disputes in courts

Intellectual Property

  • Represented a corporation in negotiating with US company on the licensing of OS in professional equipment
  • Represented various companies in the defense of patent infringement lawsuits

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

  • Represented a HK company fully owned by US citizen in bringing lawsuit against a Shenzhen company on an IPR transfer case
  • Represented Sri Lankan Citizen in defending his interest in a Shenzhen company
  • Represented an automotive manufacturer in vehicle parts quality dispute in court
  • Represented a manufacture and trade company in settling tax dispute with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department
  • Represented clients in collecting debts by lawsuits in different cities in China