Add: Levels 11,12&13, CDB Financial Center, 2003 Fuzhong 3rd Rd, Futian, Shenzhen | WhatsApp/Wechat:+8618098940313

Law Office of Jay Chen under Guangdong Zhuojian Law Firm

Address: Levels 11-13, China Development Bank Financial Center, 2003 Fuzhong 3rd Rd, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Postal Code: 518026

+86 18098940313 (Preferred)

Wechat/WhatsApp:+86 18098940313


GPS:2003 Fuzhong 3rd Rd, Futian, Shenzhen

By Metro:once getting out at Exit B of Civic Center Station, walk east about 300 meters, CDB is on the right


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It would be good if you could provide a concise summary of your case/needs and all the supporting information and documents to us.

*Pls provide all the relevant information or document in an ORGANIZED way, which will save you time and money. If you are not sure how to organize it, it is good to organize all the information and documents in a time sequence method with numbering.

**If a Chinese individual or company is involved, please try to provide the CHINESE NAME of the Chinese party or anything that could possibly help identify the Chinese name, otherwise no action can be taken.

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