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Officially Certified “Leading International Lawyer” in Guangdong, China

China lawyer Jay Chen is an experienced and leading international lawyer in China. Jay is licensed to practice across over China Mainland and officially recognized as the “Leading International Lawyer” by the governments of Shenzhen municipality and Guangdong province, respectively.

China lawyer Jay’s key practice areas are all foreign-related, providing legal services to international companies and expats for their commercial and civil matters in or with China. Jay not only provides consultancy services to many WOFEs and expats as legal counsel on a long-term basis, but also act as their attorney to confront their opponents in the mediation, litigation or arbitration cases. Jay Chen, as a Shenzhen lawyer and China lawyer, is renowned for his abilities and practical skills in successfully resolving international commercial and civil disputes.   

The practice areas of the team under the leadership of China lawyer Jay include international trade, corporate legal counseling, intellectual property, cross-border investment, M&A, litigation and arbitration, etc.

China lawyer Jay has extensive hands-on work experience in providing legal services to a lot of multi-national companies, including but not limited to Foxconn Technology Group (a Taiwan listed company, and the world’s largest electronics manufacturer), Hytera Communications Co., Ltd. (a Shenzhen listed company, the world’s leading solution and equipment provider of professional mobile radio communications) and Avnet, Inc. (a USA listed company and Fortune Global 500 company, one of the world’s largest global distributors of electronic components, computer and IT solutions, embedded technology and services), and can offer practical solutions to tackle any complicated international legal matters.

China lawyer Jay Chen holds teaching positions in various universities, e.g. South China Normal University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and provides lectures to law students.

China lawyer Jay has a strong education background in law and business, with bachelor degree in law from China University of Political Science and Law (a top law university in China) in Beijing, and master degrees in Commercial Law and Commerce from Deakin University (Top 1% of universities worldwide) in Melbourne Australia.

China lawyer Jay had accounting work experinece in Melbourne Australia and now still is a fully certified practising accountant of Australia (CPA Australia).

While practising in China as a lawyer, China lawyer Jay has received many oversea legal training programs, such as the Hong Kong program and the USA program respectively and specifically designed for the leading international lawyers of Guangdong and Shenzhen.

China lawyer Jay has a deep understanding of the Western laws as well as its business.

China lawyer Jay is able to skillfully use Mandarin and English as working language for business negotiation and legal writing, e.g. drafting contracts in English. 

China lawyer Jay is a trustworthy international lawyer with integrity and honor, and has been widely applauded by his internationl clients for his provision of professional services across China and Shenzhen.

To Advance Your Business Success in Shenzhen and China

Shenzhen, the window of China, is opening up at a remarkable and accelerating rate to the world, attracting more and more businessmen around the world to come to and stay in Shenzhen to dig their gold.

Among the entrepreneurs, you are coming to Shenzhen to seek your chance and make your fortune, but do you know the legal system of China and its laws? Do you have a qualified lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of Chinese law yet with a deep understanding of your needs to watch and protect your business, your investment and your interest in China?

With strong international legal and business education background and solid multi-national corporations working experience, Shenzhen lawyer Jay Chen has a sound and thorough understanding of Chinese legal system and international business. Shenzhen lawyer Jay Chen truly believe that the work of lawyer is not to hinder the business, but to advance the business success and protect client’s interest in China and worldwide. As a professional China lawyer, Jay Chen provides world class legal service tailored to client’s business needs with reasonable price.

Feel free to contact Shenzhen lawyer Jay Chen and get your business and yourself protected.

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